Forestry Services Prices

COST:  Obviously with so many variables exact costing is difficult; however, we aim to be able to establish woodland within the planting grant rate.

If a client is able or wishes to undertake some or all of the site preparation and maintenance themselves, the cost will be reduced.

Guide to prices:

The Forestry Expansion Scheme covers 100% of agreed established costs. These vary from approximately £2,000 to £4,000 per hectare.

The Small Woodland Grant establishment costs is £2,340 per hectare + VAT.

Planting under the Environmental Farming Scheme is £2,200 per hectare + VAT for Native Woodland and £1,500 per hectare + VAT for creation of native corridors.

To plant a tree individually, without the supply of the planting stock, would be charged at a rate of up to 35p per tree depending on the number involved and the condition of the site.

Forestry Management - Costs