Christmas Tree Types

Below you can find some details outlining thecharacteristics of the different trees we grow and sell along with an image showing the tree and a close up of the branches.

Nordman Fir

The most common Christmas tree type in Europe.  Dark green needles with good retention but does not have a noticeable smell.

Nordman Fir - Tree Types Nordman Fir

Noble Fir

Heavier blue green branching makes this species great for heavier ornaments.  Tends to be less bushy than other species but has a good aroma and fantastic needle retention.

Noble Fir - Tree Types Noble Fir

Fraser Fir

A fuller more 'American style' tree with less of a layered effect. Good needle retention and smell. A softer feel with a silver white underside to the dark green needles.

Fraser Fir - Tree Types Fraser Fir

Cannan Fir

A new tree to the Irish market almost exclusively grown by us. Great smell, a narrower shape and more bushy. The needles are short, giving a 'spruce' look but have great needle retention.

Canaan Fir - Tree Types Cannan Fir

Grand Fir

Smells amazing (citrus) and is a beautiful shape. Can have less luxuriant needles that are not as deeply coloured compared to other firs.

Grand Fir - Tree Types Grand Fir

Douglas Fir

Great smell, retains its paler green needles well and is soft and bushy. Not great with heavy decorations as the branches can become droopy.

Douglas Fir - Tree Types Douglas Fir

Norway Spruce

Traditional Christmas tree. Smells nice and is the perfect shape. Will drop it's needles if kept too hot and not watered.

Norway Spruce - Tree Types Norway Spruce

Blue Spruce

A stunning blue colour and only available in limited numbers. The sharp needles are not child friendly and it can drop its needles if not watered.

Blue Spruce - Tree Types Blue Spruce

Serbian Spruce

Similar to the Norway spruce but tends to be narrower. A light easy to handle tree but is prone to needle drop if not cared for..

Serbian Spruce - Tree Types Serbian Spruce